Laptops and Backups – It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

An acquaintance recently had her laptop stolen from her car.  While being a victim of theft is traumatic at the best of times, losing her laptop caused extraordinary grief for her because it turns out the machine wasn’t being properly backed up.  What a nightmare for her – she knew she had work-related files that only she had copies of on her hard disk, and everything she was working on was lost!

This heartache doesn’t have to be.  The problem is that many ‘road warriors’ (or, as with most of our clients, ‘work from home in the evenings’ warriors) don’t want to store everything on the corporate file store, don’t have a reasonable organization of their files on their laptop, or – even more typically – never remember to run the “backup script” their IT guy put on their desktop months ago.

Doing laptop backups manually is yesterday’s solution.  Today, it’s relatively easy to set up an automatic, reliable means for backing up everything of relevance to your corporate file store.  If security or other factors leave you wanting to avoid the corporate storage, backing up to a private external hard drive sitting in your office is just as easy and reliable. 

Don’t let this crisis happen to you.  And don’t let one of your employees have this happen either.  Be certain every machine is backed up automatically; never leave it up to an employee to make sure it happens, because almost none of them will.  We always recommend that part of our regular backup and recovery process include ensuring that every employee’s laptop is also being included. 

 The bottom line – while being the victim of theft is always an awful feeling, you should never have to find yourself in the position of not having a proper backup as a result of it. 



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    It is very unfortunate for your acquaintance and the loss of her laptop. Theft/vandailsm sucks no matter how you look at it. Not nice.

    Along with this great advice about corporate/small business automated backups, individuals can also take control of their data backups.

    With today’s inexpensive external portable hard drives gives individuals some control over their own data backups. There are units which make the process relatively easy with one button backups. The key to this type of solution is purchasing a unit with one plugin (USB). I find having multiple cords (USB + power) just makes it a pain (yes, I know it’s only two cables, but still a deterrent).

    These can be purchased at any electronics retailer.

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