Social Media – The Hard Part is Staying Current

Well, this blog entry is a bit of a confession, and a warning for organizations embarking on social media projects.

 The confession (and apology) is for our lack of communication on the blog we PROMISED to keep active.  Summer came, holidays came, a couple of key customer projects came, the golf course called, …., and we quickly fell out of the habit.  When we looked last week and saw we hadn’t blogged for 3+ months, it was a real wake-up call.  So, our apologies, and our recommitment to stay active.

 The warning part of this entry is to provide a heads up to the ongoing challenge for any organization committing to engage in leveraging social media techniques for delivering its message.  Regardless of whether you’re intending to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or to write a blog as we are, the hard part isn’t getting started, it’s staying at it. 

 I’ll write more about the many challenges that come with social media in my upcoming blog entries (honest, I promise), but for purposes of this entry the main point is that it takes a substantial and very sustained effort to make it work.  That is, to stay relevant to your readers you have to do it constantly and predictably.  This doesn’t mean writing when you have nothing to say; rather it means making sure you make it be a priority, and that an appropriate amount of time is given to it on a regular basis.

 Those who “get good” at social media, like the tweeters who tweet constantly all day long, understand this need for a predictable cadence to their writing.  For most of us, who are not used to this style of “write it, and the readers will come” writing, it takes time and effort.  Also, as we have discovered, it takes a change in process to support it.  That is, we are now developing an internal process to ensure our blog stays more current for our readers, and making it more of a corporate policy rather than a “hey, we should do this” approach.

 So, we are back.  And with our lesson learned, and our commitment renewed. 



One Comment

  1. Al at MikeTango
    Posted October 27, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Interesting that you bring up Twitter. I tried to use Twitter for it’s intended purpose quite a few months ago, it lasted one day..

    I agree that it definitely takes conviction to get that routine engrained in your daily schedule. I’ll probably try again at some point but for now I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it.


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