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SMEs: Notoriously Unprepared for Disasters

– Dean Tremblay, Partner

A recent survey of 145 professionals responsible for IT security in small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) recently found that 87% of SMBs have inadequate or out of date disaster recovery plans. Another 45% of them don’t enforce security policies.

SMEs are remarkable for operating under many pressures while being one of the major drivers of economic growth today. By keeping a close eye on the bottom line, minimizing overhead and investing in innovation, SMEs have become the providers of some of our favourite products, apps, and necessary services – like accounting, financial assistance, legal advice and more.

Despite all of the things that attract us to purchase from SMEs, we need to be able to trust them. That includes being assured that the data we entrust to them is protected, and that the services we rely on them for will be available even if disaster – such as fire or a data security breach – strikes.

One of the biggest challenges of operating an SME or other small organization is focusing on core competencies while taking care of the myriad non-core necessities – like IT security. Unless an SME is in the IT business, it’s not likely that they’re able to devote the significant resources necessary to staff IT personnel with the expertise or the time to take care of robust IT security, backup and disaster recovery in addition to that day-to-day IT needs of the organization.

That’s where Managed IT Services can help SMEs remain successful, vital contributors to our economies, our lives and our businesses.

As part of our Managed IT service, we at Tango Technology Group offer IT Backup and Disaster Recovery services that are tailored to SMEs. Because we work exclusively with small to mid-size businesses, we understand their pressures and their needs. Our services are designed to give SMEs and their customers peace of mind about the security of financial, marketing, sales, human resources and other business data. And, we do so affordably, with a managed IT service model that provides predictability for the SME budget.

Most importantly, we also work with our clients to review the specific needs of their businesses in order to ensure alignment between the business, its customers and its vital IT infrastructure.

I’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about protecting your business and your customers from untimely disasters. Contact me at: dtremblay(at)


Business-Centric IT: What Does that Really Mean?

– by Dean Tremblay

At Tango Technology Group we like to say that we take a business-centric approach to technology. It’s definitely what makes us unique among other providers of IT services to small- and mid-size business customers. But what does it really mean to be “business-centric”, and why should a small- or mid-sized business (SMB) care?

In practical terms, being business-centric means that when I recommend an investment in technology to a client, I have first determined how that technology will enable the client to be more efficient and/or to drive more revenue. If I can’t make that business case clear then I can’t recommend the investment.

In philosophical terms, it means that at Tango, we focus as much on understanding WHY we deploy technology as we do on HOW it is deployed. Unfortunately, this is an atypical approach in our industry – but we’ve been business owners and managers in a variety of forms for long enough that we know it’s the only approach that makes sense today.

There really is no business today that isn’t influenced by technology. Most absolutely depend on IT to serve customers and to conform to standards and regulations. Savvy SMBs are now leveraging technology to gain competitive advantages – and helping them do it is what we do best.

Again in practical terms, here are some examples of what we do to help SMBs leverage technology to gain competitive advantage:

  • Eliminate capital expenses & costly specialized headcount – by eliminating on-premise hardware (servers) in favor of virtual servers
  • Improve cash flow and budgeting by replacing client-based software with pay-per-use technology “in the cloud”
  • Ease the resource burden associated with regulatory compliance with flexible, easy-to-use information management/ records management/ document management solutions
  • Support competitive and market intelligence with effective business intelligence solutions designed for SMBs
  • Free up resources (financial, administrative and real estate) by providing outsourced IT and helpdesk service
  • Improve internal communication processes and operational efficiencies with easy-to-use intranet sites
  • Protect customer and business data with offsite data backup and recovery

I’d be happy to speak with you to discuss how we can work with you to ensure that technology is part of your strategic business plan. I also invite you to read about some of our customer projects and success stories.

I can be reached at dean.tremblay(at)